Why central banks must change before the next crisis hits

Positive Money Europe | 13 October 2018

In a recent book, Clément Fontan, Peter Dietsch and François Claveau make a sobering and urgent wake-up call for rethinking the way central banks think and implement monetary policy and banking superv …

Why the ECB has a legal obligation to account for environmental protection

Stan Jourdan | 1 October 2018

New legal research shows the European Central Bank a legal obligation to integrate environmental protection into monetary policy.

ECB rejects digital euro for wrong reasons

Positive Money Europe | 28 September 2018

A letter by the European Central Bank reveals it has not yet thoroughly studied the possible implementation of a central bank digital currency.

The ECB and national parliaments: just a publicity stunt?

Positive Money Europe | 20 September 2018

Since 2012, Mario Draghi has visited six national parliaments of the Eurozone. However are those genuine attempts to increase the ECB’s accountability, or just a publicity stunt for the ECB?

Greece leaves Troika programme, but ECB’s bullying goes on

Stan Jourdan | 12 September 2018

If the Greek crisis is over, why is the European Central Bank still excluding Greece from quantitative easing?


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