Positive Money Europe is barely one year old and we are already delighted with the impact our movement is having.

We’ve created a fast-growing movement of supporters, economists, civil society organizations and politicians working together to influence change. We delivered a petition to the Eurogroup signed by 117,000 citizens [1]. And after months of campaigning, the ECB is finally taking climate change seriously [2].

Our efforts are being noticed. Prominent media like the Financial TimesBloombergReutersAFPLe Monde have mentioned us [3] – showing journalists want to know what NGOs like us think about the ECB’s activities and how it impacts citizens’ lives.

Over the last year, Positive Money Europe has done this work – advocacy, events, videos – and had an impact because we’ve had enough money to do it.

But this money has come from grants from just two foundations [4], which means the funds last a fixed amount of time and have to be used for very specific projects. When these grants run out, there’s a real risk we will have to reduce our work.

Positive Money Europe operates on a shoestring budget from a tiny shared office in Brussels. We do what we do because we believe passionately that to deal with the big social, economic and environmental challenges we’re facing today, we need to reform our money and banking system.

We are a people-powered movement. Our power comes from people like you – spreading the word, sharing ideas and chipping in.

The more of us who chip in the more we can do together. Mirka, please will you set up a regular donation today so together we can keep having an impact in 2019? It’ll take you 2 minutes:

If more supporters like you chipped in a few euros each month, together we could keep up our influence and build a stronger campaign. It would make Positive Money Europe less dependent on one-off grants, more agile and able to respond quickly to opportunities to have an impact.

Here are just some of the things we could do together if more people like you set up a regular donation today:

  • Produce more short videos
  • Translate our website in different languages
  • Start new campaigns on digital cash and the appointment of the next ECB President

For the cost of just one cup of coffee each month, you could help us create a fairer, more democratic, more sustainable economy sooner. So if you can, please set up your regular donation today:

Thank you.


[1] http://www.positivemoney.eu/2018/10/petition-eurogroup-return-ecb-profits-to-greece/

[2] http://www.positivemoney.eu/2018/11/econ-sustainabilty-ecb-report/








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