Positive Money Europe’s success is underpinned by the backing of over 3,000 dedicated supporters who share our vision of a fair, democratic and sustainable eurozone. We asked them for their opinions on our work and for more information about themselves.

Positive Money Europe is a people-powered movement. We want to make their voices heard in discussions about how our financial system works, to ensure that institutions like the European Central Bank work for the interest of the many. 

To make sure our priorities are aligned with those of our supporters, in September we asked for their opinions on the topics which Positive Money Europe works on, how they could get involved and for some information about themselves.

Supporters gave their opinions on what we should prioritise over the next 12 months and shared new ideas. They also told us more about who they are, giving us direction for our work and many useful tips on how to improve our campaigns and communication.

Over 276 supporters got in touch, and we are delighted to share their feedback. Thank you to everyone who contributed, your continued support and engagement is the foundation of Positive Money Europe’s work.

Which campaigns should Positive Money Europe prioritise in 2020-21?

Knowing what issues most concern our supporters helps us to prioritise our areas of work. Our supporters told us that helicopter money and the climate crisis are the topics they would prioritise most heading into 20201. Helicopter money was also a high priority from last year’s survey.

How much do you support Positive Money Europe’s position on the following topics?

It is reassuring that our work is very much aligned with the views of our supporters, who completely or broadly agree with our positions in all six main areas of our work.

Which action are you most likely to take to help the campaign?

We are delighted that Positive Money Europe’s supporters are also extremely keen to get involved and join our campaigns, as the results below show.

We cannot achieve our objectives without your involvement. We’re counting on you to spread the word by sharing our articles and videos on social media, through emails or just by old-fashioned word of mouth. Thank you so much for joining us!


Who are our supporters?

At Positive Money Europe, we’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive movement. To understand how we’re progressing with that commitment and to get an idea of who we’re reaching with our message, we also asked our supporters some demographic questions. 

What is your gender identity?

Compared to 2019, our results showed a small improvement in terms of gender balance across the network, with a shift of 4 percentage points from 82/17 to 75/21.

We can still do more to diversify our movement though, to make sure it truly reflects everybody living within the eurozone.

Which age group do you belong to?

Which of these options best describes your ethnic group?

We will work hard to change this and reach out to younger and more diverse audiences to make our work stronger and to ensure our reforms speak and work in the interest of the whole of society.

How much do you know about central banks and money creation/monetary policy?

People following our work come with different levels of knowledge about central banks, monetary policy and money creation.

It is great that we have supporters with all different levels of knowledge willing to join the conversation on how to create a fair, democratic and sustainable eurozone, and we will strive to ensure our communications are understandable to experts and non-experts alike.

How much are you involved in politics?

How do you feel about the euro zone?

Thank you again to all of you who completed the survey!






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