2022 has been a difficult year for our communities, our economies, and the planet. We have all struggled, and still are struggling, with a triple emergency – the energy crisis, the high cost of living and the environmental breakdown.

As an organization, we are born to make the financial system work for people and the planet. Now this is more urgent than ever.

Through our research, advocacy and campaigning activities, we have worked hard in 2022 to speak up for people’s interests in the face of rising prices and living costs, and higher interest rates. 

We are proud to take a look back at what we’ve achieved in these last 12 months – all while keeping an eye on the many objectives we have for 2023!

We have pushed the ECB to shift to a greener and fairer position

In 2022, our research and proposals contributed to the shift towards a greener European Central Bank (ECB). We shed light on the active role that the ECB can play in assessing and mitigating climate-related risks, and in financing the green transition.

At the same time we broadened our own horizons, starting to research crucial issues relating to our economies and societies, such as the impact of monetary policy on inequality and housing.

Our research and studies were viewed and downloaded more than 16,000 times!

We are the people’s lobby: we have influenced policy-makers to put people first!

In contrast to the dodgy lobbying of big banks and authoritarian petrostates, we are the people’s lobby! Throughout 2022 we have continued to bring our proposals for a more democratic, fair and sustainable economy to the attention of those in power.

To summarize, thanks to your support, we achieved:

  • 98 media hits
  • 23 meetings with policy makers
  • 18 parliamentary interventions

We have mobilized people across Europe for greener homes and greener finance

2022 has been the year of our first big people-powered campaign, Unlock. We have developed a movement of people and organizations in France, Spain and the EU, united behind a common demand: to make home renovation affordable and accessible for all! Not only have we gathered more than 30,000 petition signatures, but we also created a coalition of 18 partners.

Big things are coming in 2023…

Certainly, we don’t want to lose any time in 2023! In January, you will find us in front of the European Parliament in Brussels, where we will continue our fight for a world that works for people, not for profit. 

Please continue to support us, so that together we can build a fairer financial system: we can only do this together!


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