Reading list: 5 books recommended by the Positive Money Europe team

Positive Money Europe | 27 July 2021

Still need a book for your summer vacation? Below is a selection of what we at Positive Money Europe are currently (re)reading – including one book in German and one in Italian, reflecting the diversi …

Job Opening: German & English-speaking Digital Communications Officer

Positive Money Europe | 12 July 2021

Positive Money Europe are looking for a German & English-speaking Digital Communications Officer to help us increase our impact by building a community of supporters around our campaigns and increasin …

ECB ready to be tough on climate but misses a trick on inflation

ecb climate
Positive Money Europe | 8 July 2021

The outcomes of the ECB’s strategic review show how much progress was made on civil society demands such as climate action and the inclusion of housing prices in inflation data. However, the ECB faile …

Helicopter Money will be Spent, Economists Unanimously Find

Baptiste Massenot | 1 July 2021

A review of more than 30 academic papers demonstrate overwhelming evidence that helicopter money will significantly boost the economy. 

Markets for distress: will the EU’s Non-Performing Loans strategy worsen the Covid19 social crisis?

Stan Jourdan and Caroline Metz | 22 June 2021

After Covid19, huge numbers of households and companies are expected to have loan payment difficulties, aggravating the socially disastrous effects of the crisis and putting a serious strain on the re …


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