The gift that keeps on giving: Banks’ windfall profits as a consequence of ECB rate hikes

Uuriintuya Batsaikhan and Jan Musschoot | 14 December 2022

The ECB is expected to pay around €40 billion in net interest income to banks on the overnight deposits that they keep with the central bank. This estimated figure will jump to €53.7 billion if the EC …

High interest rates are a threat to the green transition

Uuriintuya Batsaikhan | 7 December 2022

To reach net zero by 2050, the EU’s investment efforts are focused on two main areas: renewable energy and energy efficiency. The urgency for action has increased immensely given the current energy cr …

How monetary policy fuels housing inequality

house prices ecb monetary policy
Jordi Schröder Bosch | 6 October 2022

Extensive research shows that the past decade of low-rates monetary policy has significantly contributed to rising house prices, thus fuelling a self-propagating mechanism of wealth inequality and dec …

Unlocking home renovation in Europe

Positive Money Europe | 29 September 2022

As bills rise, the planet gets hotter, and the energy crisis rages, fuelled by foreign fossil fuel exports, it’s clear that we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels as we do now. In the European Union …

The ECB doubles down on misguided interest rate hike

Marc Beckmann | 8 September 2022

The European Central Bank decided to raise interest rates, in an attempt to show its determination to fight inflation. However this decision is based on shaky justifications, which are likely to cause …


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