EU Parliament pressures ECB to address climate change

Alessia Del Vasto | 11 February 2021

In a vote on 9 February, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) told the European Central Bank (ECB) to incorporate climate-related risks in its policies. The Parliament also formally agreed to sta …

Policy Briefing: Why the ECB should go beyond ‘market neutrality’

Alessia Del Vasto | 1 February 2021

To ensure monetary policy does not conflict with the EU’s carbon neutrality targets, the European Central Bank must replace its current ‘market neutrality’ approach and rely instead on the EU taxonomy …

Digital euro: Positive Money Europe’s survey response

Marc Beckmann | 27 January 2021

The European Central Bank recently closed a survey asking interested individuals and organisations for their views on a digital euro. Positive Money Europe responded to the survey, making clear what w …

Interview: ‘We have let central banks fall under the influence of the financial sector’

Positive Money Europe | 22 January 2021

How can the ECB be reformed to benefit wider society? Positive Money Europe Executive Director Stanislas Jourdan discusses how the central bank can be reconfigured to put people above private banks.

Annulation de dette par la BCE: pourquoi le jeu n’en vaut pas la chandelle

Stanislas Jourdan | 14 January 2021

Depuis le début de la crise Covid-19, un débat a émergé sur la possibilité d’annuler les dettes publiques détenues par les banques centrales. Bien que la proposition soit faisable techniquement, notre …


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