Walking the Tightrope: The Trade-Offs Between Financial and Price Stability

Jordi Schröder Bosch | 17 April 2023

Christine Lagarde has recently argued that the price stability and financial stability objectives of the European Central Bank (ECB) are not at odds with one another. While in tranquil times this asse …

NEW REPORT: Shedding light on a Blind Spot: the Accountability of the Eurosystem National Central Banks

Positive Money Europe | 5 April 2023

Eurosystem national central banks have very different procedures when it comes to reporting to political authorities, and are less accountable than the European Central Bank, a new research paper comm …

How a digital euro will prevent future banking crisis

Positive Money Europe | 4 April 2023

The recent banking crisis shows that the financial system is broken. A digital euro designed for the people, not for private companies, could be the beginning of a more stable and safer public banking …

Is the ECB’s corporate portfolio really getting greener? 

Stanislas Jourdan | 3 April 2023

The Corporate Sector Purchase Programme was supposed to boost the real economy, but it ended up supporting the fossil fuel industry

Profits, not wages, should be the ECB’s main concern

Jordi Schröder Bosch | 22 March 2023

With inflation reaching its highest levels since the euro was introduced, ECB officials have been wary of a wage-price spiral. Yet it’s profits, not wages, that are the real culprits in today’s inflat …


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