How does the ECB set interest rates?

illustration of a man on an arrow of hiking interest rates
Positive Money Europe | 2 November 2023

Get the ECB interest rates explained in plain terms! Discover more with the latest from our explainer series!

High interest rates are undermining the green transition

Serena Di Luccio | 25 October 2023

There is evidence that the decision by central banks to raise interest rates is already slowing down investments in the renewable energy sector, thereby undermining the green transition. This is in di …

Women in Economics: what you need to know about gender equality

womand and man with different amount of coins
Carlotta Giovannucci | 24 October 2023

How many women are there in the ECB Governing Council? And in boardrooms and the broader financial sector? Why does gender equality matter in macro-finance and beyond?

What is the European Central Bank? Watch the video!

ecb building with question marks in background
Positive Money Europe | 9 October 2023

Read our explainer series on central banking and grasp the basics needed to understand this key institution!

Inflation versus green investments: the ECB’s false dilemma

ecb president and mep with green renewable park in the background
Positive Money Europe | 4 October 2023

Can the ECB both tackle inflation and protect green investments?


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