Counting on the ECB to act on fragmentation risks

Jordi Schröder Bosch and Marc Beckmann | 2 August 2022

The risk of fragmentation has accompanied the Eurozone since its origin. With the ECB ending its expansionary monetary policy, it has reoccurred once again. The ECB vowed to put the issue of fragmenta …

To avoid another subprime crisis, banks must help consumers to renovate their homes

Stan Jourdan and Adua Dalla Costa | 19 July 2022

The latest ECB climate stress test shows that banks could face a wave of insolvencies on their mortgage lending as energy-inefficient homes make their clients vulnerable to higher energy prices. Banks …

The ECB finally adopts green rules for its monetary policy

Stan Jourdan and Jordi Schröder Bosch | 13 July 2022

The European Central Bank (ECB) finally announced a clear shift away from its sacrosanct “market neutrality” principle, as it will introduce green criteria in its rules for corporate bond purchases an …

Summer Reading List 2022

Positive Money Europe | 6 July 2022

In need of some reading ideas for this summer? Look no further! We have compiled a list of books that the Positive Money Europe team has been reading. The topics range from the role of central banks t …

New research paper: The role of the EU Parliament in the ECB’s green shift

Marc Beckmann | 28 June 2022

A new study traces how climate change became a topic in Europe’s monetary policy. Utilising a novel and extensive dataset, it shows how the European Parliament, early on, called for a greener monetary …


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