Will the digital euro respect citizens’ privacy?

Marc Beckmann | 7 February 2022

The ECB is currently working on introducing a digital currency – to exist alongside banknotes – that citizens and firms can use for everyday payments. A digital euro would be safer than bank deposits …

How the ECB can help reduce energy prices on the long run

Positive Money Europe | 28 January 2022

The combination of higher inflation and the still too slow green transition creates a dilemma for the European Central Bank because taming down inflation using its traditional interest rate policy wou …

Inflation – A historical look at its causes

Max Engel | 10 December 2021

Amidst soaring inflation, central bankers should avoid panicking prematurely and compare the current situation to that of stagflation as seen in the 1960s and 1970s. Even persistent inflation has caus …

Concerned about housing costs? Don’t put your faith in the ECB

Marc Beckmann | 9 December 2021

In its new strategy, the ECB decided that housing costs should be better reflected in the inflation index. However, this won’t address citizens’ concerns. If there is anything the ECB can do about the …

Does monetary policy work against workers?

Positive Money Europe | 29 November 2021

A new study finds that ECB’s monetary policy affects the wage share of companies and thereby the distribution of income between workers and shareholders. Given that these effects differ by firm charac …


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