European parliamentarians demand new ECB research into helicopter money

Paul Creeney | 17 November 2020

Eight MEPs from across the political spectrum have joined forces to ask the European Central Bank to properly research helicopter money. By doing so, MEPs are showing that cross-party support exists i …

Busting myths about QE and its effect on inequality

Marie Storli | 12 November 2020

The pandemic and current economic crisis exacerbate economic inequality by disproportionately burdening individuals on the lower part of the income distribution. The ECB’s asset purchases have further …

Target neutralised: ECB says “market neutrality” needs rethinking

Stanislas Jourdan | 6 November 2020

Once upon a time, market neutrality was supposed to be an untouchable holy principle of the ECB’s quantitative easing, but today the ECB has finally made loud and clear this principle should be review …

The results are in! Positive Money Europe’s 2020 supporter survey

Positive Money Europe | 4 November 2020

Positive Money Europe’s success is underpinned by the backing of over 3,000 dedicated supporters who share our vision of a fair, democratic and sustainable eurozone. We asked them for their opinions o …

Interview: “If helicopter money is not an option, there are not many other tools left in the toolkit”

Positive Money Europe | 2 November 2020

Positive Money Europe is calling on the European Central Bank to make debt-free payments to every eurozone resident to combat the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. In this article translated from Al …


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