About us

Positive Money Europe is a not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation aiming to make the money system support a fair, democratic and sustainable economy. We scrutinize the European Central Bank and develop policy proposals to reform the Eurozone monetary system.

Positive Money Europe was set up by Positive Money, a UK non-profit founded in 2010. We launched Positive Money Europe in February 2018 following the success of our campaign targeting the European Central Bank “Quantitative Easing for the People’.

We are a team of three people working from Brussels, with the support from our 12 talented colleagues in the London team and the guidance from a diverse and skilled advisory panel.

While we benefit from the administrative and operational support from our London office, Positive Money Europe operates with a large degree of autonomy in developing our strategy and policy proposals.

Positive Money Europe is a member of the Eurozone Watchdog Network launched by Transparency International EU which seeks to make the governance of the Eurozone more transparent and democratic.

Our vision

Right now the money and banking system causes house price bubbles, high levels of debt, and rising inequality. It lays the foundations for financial crises. It harms our environment. And there is a large democratic deficit in the way the Eurozone works and policies are decided. We need to transform the European Monetary Union.

Our mission is for a money and banking system that serves a fair, democratic, and sustainable economy:


An economy that isn’t reliant on housing bubbles, stock markets booms, and which does not inherently increase economic inequalities. An economy where subsidies for banks are removed, and a diverse ecosystem of banks serve the needs of society.


The European Central Bank should be held accountable by elected representatives and its independence should not be a barrier to it working towards other key objectives of the EU such as inequality and sustainability goals.


An economy that’s stable, with more secure jobs, which does not require unsustainable levels of debt to keep it growing, and where financial flows and investments decisions are aligned with the urgency to tackle climate change.

To reach our vision, we work across three areas:


We research the problems with the money and banking system, to develop our proposals for reforming it and gain the support of economists.


We build a movement of people from all background, skills and political views who want to work together to campaign for change.


We work to influence key decision makers and influencers in the European Union and at member states levels.


As a supporter, you’re at the heart of everything we do. We’d love to keep you updated about our exciting work and the ways you can help, including campaigns and events that you might be interested in. We promise never to sell or swap your details and you can change your preferences at any time. To do so, simply call +32 2 880 04 34 or email info@positivemoney.eu

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