The European Central Bank’s SMP was necessary, but handled in the wrong way

Stan Jourdan | 6 May 2019

Our latest video outlining the story behind the profits made by the ECB through one of their programmes has provoked strong criticism on Twitter. We apologize for the confusion created by the video an …

Dutch advisory council backs monetary reform proposals

Alessia Del Vasto | 26 April 2019

A new report from the Dutch government’s advisory council promotes fresh thinking on how to address the financial system’s debt addiction.

European Central Bank reveals it made huge profits from the Eurozone crisis

Stan Jourdan | 18 April 2019

The European Central Bank just revealed it made 61 billion euros of profits out of its intervention in crisis hit countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal.

Green monetary policy: it’s about changing the mindset, not the mandate

Nicolas Hercelin | 17 April 2019

Contrary to common belief, the European Central Bank’s current mandate and legal framework already gives ample room for action in the field of climate change.  Now is the time to move the debate to th …

REPORT: Strengthening the Parliamentary scrutiny of the European Central Bank

Stan Jourdan | 9 April 2019

Our new report co-written by Sebastian Diessner and Stanislas Jourdan advocates for a stronger role of the European Parliament in holding the European Central Bank to account.


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