Debt crisis looms for climate vulnerable countries

balance with profit or planet
Sneha Yadav | 24 August 2023

Climate-vulnerable countries across the Global South are facing a vicious climate-public debt cycle.

2023 summer reading list

Cover with books
Positive Money Europe | 31 July 2023

Our carefully curated list of books, explored by the Positive Money Europe team, for the summer of 2023

The unfortunate timing of the ECB’s hike

interest hikes
Jordi Schröder Bosch | 26 July 2023

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) will add 25 basis points to the largest rate hike in the European Monetary Union’s lifetime.

The ECB needs a new approach to green its corporate portfolio

Jordi Schröder Bosch | 18 July 2023

With the conclusion of its reinvestments, the greening of the ECB’s Corporate Sector Purchase Programme has come to an end. As the portfolio slowly winds down, the ECB must seek alternative ways to gr …

The digital euro: what you need to know about the EU Commission’s proposal

Positive Money Europe | 28 June 2023

Digital euro: a safe and secure alternative to bank deposits?


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