Unlocking home renovation in Europe

Positive Money Europe | 29 September 2022

As bills rise, the planet gets hotter, and the energy crisis rages, fuelled by foreign fossil fuel exports, it’s clear that we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels as we do now. In the European Union …

The ECB doubles down on misguided interest rate hike

Marc Beckmann | 8 September 2022

The European Central Bank decided to raise interest rates, in an attempt to show its determination to fight inflation. However this decision is based on shaky justifications, which are likely to cause …

A review on the distributional effects of monetary policy

Marc Beckmann | 19 August 2022

Inequality has long been a foremost public concern, but not so for central banks. While the orthodoxy according to which central banks engage in “neutral” policy-making is slowly crippling away, we’re …

A people’s monetary dialogue: what our supporters want from the ECB

Serena Di Luccio | 11 August 2022

True to our commitment to being the bridge between people and the European Central Bank (ECB), ahead of the last monetary dialogue in June we collaborated with our friends at SumOfUs to collect our su …

The European Central Bank hikes interest rates after over a decade. Is this the right move for people? 

Serena Di Luccio | 4 August 2022

On July 21st, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it is raising interest rates by 0.5 per cent, opting for an even higher hike than what was announced in June. Over the past few months, Pos …


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