Webinar: The ECB’s Neglected Secondary Mandate (Video)

Marc Beckmann | 23 November 2021

A recording of Positive Money Europe’s new webinar on the ECB’s neglected secondary mandate is now available online. 

European Parliament pushes Lagarde to discuss new accountability regime

Alessia Del Vasto | 22 November 2021

Acting on a long-standing recommendation from Positive Money Europe, the European Parliament’s ECON Committee announced last week that it is ready to negotiate a new accountability framework with the …

A car wreck says more than a 1000 words

Max Engel | 12 November 2021

On October 29, Positive Money Europe together with Fairfin placed a car wrecked by the recent floods in front of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), serving as a staunch reminder that the NBB is bankr …

Webinar – Helicopter money: The stimulus the eurozone needs? (Video)

Alessia Del Vasto | 2 November 2021

A recording of Positive Money Europe’s new webinar on Helicopter Money is now available online.

New report “The ECB’s neglected secondary mandate: An inter-institutional solution”  

Marc Beckmann | 25 October 2021

A new report by Positive Money Europe proposes to break the deadlock on the ECB’s secondary mandate. Rather than cherry-picking its secondary objectives, the ECB should coordinate with other EU instit …


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