ECB announces new giant subsidy for banks – but why would it work this time?

Stan Jourdan | 7 March 2019

In response to a reduction of growth and inflation forecasts for 2019, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced new long-term subsidized loans for banks. But why would it work better this time?

Helicopter money: A simple and fair solution to the next crisis

Positive Money Europe | 4 March 2019

The number one fear of global business leaders right now is that the economy will fall into a new recession this year.

Top priorities for the next ECB chief economist

Stan Jourdan | 25 February 2019

This week the European Parliament will interview the only candidate for the position of chief economist of the European Central Bank. On what basis should Members of the EU Parliament ensure Mr Philip …

ECB profits: Will Greece get its money back?

Alessia Del Vasto | 19 February 2019

The Eurogroup still threatens Greece to suspend long overdue reimbursement over illegitimate ECB profits.

RIP Bernard Lietaer

Positive Money Europe | 12 February 2019

We were sad to learn of the death of Bernard Lietaer, one of the leading monetary reformers, on February 4th.


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