ECB missed the opportunity to revise QE reinvestments

Stan Jourdan | 13 December 2018

Despite today’s decision the European Central Bank will keep re-injecting more than 190 billion euros into the financial system in 2019. But the ECB is not making the most optimal use of those reinves …

Positive Money Europe are hiring: Advocacy Officer

Positive Money Europe | 5 December 2018

Positive Money Europe are looking for an Advocacy Officer to play a crucially important role in maintaining and developing our engagement with parliamentarians, NGOs and other key influencers.

IMF’s Director says central banks could issue digital money

Positive Money Europe | 3 December 2018

International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde said central banks around the world should consider issuing digital currency.

European Parliament’s ECON Committee wants a green ECB

Positive Money Europe | 29 November 2018

In a report led by right-wing MEP Gabriel Mato and almost unanimously supported by all groups, the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) calls on the ECB to incorporate environmental crite …

Let’s experiment full-reserve banking again

Patrizio Lainà (Guest Author) | 19 November 2018

Full-reserve banking was tried out in the UK and US in the 19th century. It is assuring that macroeconomic indicators pointed mainly upwards after the reforms were implemented. Although it is hard to …


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