Profits, not wages, should be the ECB’s main concern

Jordi Schröder Bosch | 22 March 2023

With inflation reaching its highest levels since the euro was introduced, ECB officials have been wary of a wage-price spiral. Yet it’s profits, not wages, that are the real culprits in today’s inflat …

The solution to the banking crisis is a public banking system!

Positive Money Europe | 21 March 2023

We need a new financial system that serves people over private interests

EU Parliament approves the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive!

Positive Money Europe | 14 March 2023

The EPBD includes unprecedented energy efficiency standard on mortgages to unlock the renovation wave

Economics is a woman’s business

Serena Di Luccio | 8 March 2023

Since 1911, the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, has been a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements in the pursuit of their rights and gender equality. On this day, Positive Mo …

Windfall profits for banks, crisis for people: the money system is unfair and needs to be reformed

Serena Di Luccio | 7 March 2023

As a consequence of the European Central Bank (ECB) raising its interest rates, banks are making sky-high unearned extra profits, while people and public budgets are only losing out. We believe that a …


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