7 books on monetary policy you should read this summer

Positive Money Europe | 29 July 2019

The team of Positive Money Europe has compiled a list of books on monetary policy, banking and finance which are definitely worth adding to your reading list.

Why “helicopter money” is the new whatever it takes

Stan Jourdan | 26 July 2019

Seven years after Mario Draghi’s heroic “whatever it takes” speech, the European Central Bank needs to find new ways to reaffirm its ability to act.

Ending the fiction: central banks are not just technical institutions

Stan Jourdan | 5 July 2019

Critics of Christine Lagarde’s nomination as future ECB President argue central banks should be only led by academics and technocrats, not politicians. They are wrong.

It is time to review the ECB’s monetary policy strategy

Stan Jourdan | 27 June 2019

20 years after the creation of the euro and 10 years after the burst of the financial crisis, it is time to carry out a comprehensive review of the monetary policy strategy of the European Central Ban …

Why we must stop Facebook’s attempt to hijack our money, before it’s too late

Positive Money Europe | 25 June 2019

Digital currencies have great potential, but ceding control to a cartel of tech companies is not the answer.


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