Time to transform the ESM before it dies

Stanislas Jourdan | 25 March 2020

This week the Dutch government blocked a proposal to activate a special credit line for countries who need financial support to fight the Covid19 crisis. But the logic behind the Dutch position is bac …

Helicopter money is the vaccine against a long-lasting Covid-19 recession

Positive Money Europe | 24 March 2020

Europe needs helicopter money to cope with the severe upcoming recession while avoiding a massive unsustainable debt burden. As soon as the economic recovery phase starts, the ECB should boost consump …

The ECB has a new bazooka, but still no magic bullets

Alessia Del Vasto | 20 March 2020

The ECB launched a massive 750 billion euro plan to cope with the Coronavirus crisis. But these measures will only work if national governments spend as much as is necessary and outline an ambitious p …

Eurogroup’s insufficient response to COVID-19 crisis

Positive Money Europe | 17 March 2020

The Eurogroup confirmed the highly needed suspension of fiscal constraints on Eurozone governments. But allowing countries to spend more does not mean all of them can afford to spend more. 

Lagarde’s mistake is a wakeup call to address the Euro’s fragility

Alessia Del Vasto | 13 March 2020

By refusing to affirm the ECB’s willingness to “close spreads” on the Italian bonds market, Christine Lagarde’s mistakenly caused major indignation among citizens, politicians, and financial markets. …


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