What should the ECB do to address the Coronavirus crisis?

There is little point in slowing down the contagion by forcing the economy to accelerate. Instead of blunt stimulus measures, the ECB must respond to the Coronavirus by launching targeted support for SMEs.

Christine Lagarde meets with Positive Money Europe

On Monday 2 December 2019, a group of NGOs including Positive Money Europe met with the new President of the European to hand over a letter calling on the ECB to accelerate its efforts in the fight against climate change.

ECB must act now on climate change, civil society leaders tell Lagarde in open letter

More than 160 academics and civil society representatives signed an open letter urging the new president of the European Central Bank to take concrete action in the fight against climate change.

What can we hope from Christine Lagarde as ECB President?

Speaking to the European Parliament’s economic committee, the nominated president for the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde set expectations high that she will review the ECB’s strategy, prioritize climate change, and improve the ECB’s dialogue with civil society. 

It is time to review the ECB’s monetary policy strategy

20 years after the creation of the euro and 10 years after the burst of the financial crisis, it is time to carry out a comprehensive review of the monetary policy strategy of the European Central Bank.


Time to transform the ESM before it dies

Time to transform the ESM before it dies

This week the Dutch government blocked a proposal to activate a special credit line for countries who need financial support to fight the Covid19 crisis. But the logic behind the Dutch position is backward-looking and lacks diplomatic tact and political leadership.

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