Positive Money Europe delivers petition to Eurogroup demanding return of ECB profits to Greece

On 18 Friday 2018, a group of campaigners including Positive Money Europe handed a petition to EU finance ministers demanding that Greece gets back the profits made off of its debt.

Why the ECB has a legal obligation to account for environmental protection

New legal research shows the European Central Bank a legal obligation to integrate environmental protection into monetary policy.

How Greece lost billions out of an obscure ECB programme

Through its peculiar “Securities Market Programme”, the European Central Bank generated billions of profits for creditor Member States such as France and Germany. Our research shows that nearly €8 billion have been lost for Greece.

Time to Rethink the ECB? – Conference highlights & videos

On May 23rd 2018, the launch of Positive Money Europe took place in Brussels through a successful event where participants debated on whether and how the European Central Bank should be reformed.

European Parliament tells ECB: make QE climate-friendly

The European Parliament has adopted a bold resolution asking the ECB to include environmental and social criteria its quantitative easing policy.



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