Our Brussels team is also supported by all Positive Money UK staff members and by a group of seven professional advisors



Vicky Van Eyck

Executive Director

Vicky joined the Positive Money Europe team in September 2020. After running the organisation’s finances and operations, and then heading the campaigning team on projects such as the European Citizens Bank and the Unlock campaign, Vicky is now leading the organisation.

Prior to joining Positive Money Europe, Vicky was in charge of investor relations and campaigns at an international start up, and before that, she was working in the EU personal data protection field in the European Parliament and then the private sector. Vicky has an MA in European law from the College of Europe in Bruges.

To change the world we need to start by changing our money system. We have to raise awareness among people about the current broken system, and the existing and well-researched proposals that are out there to fix it! It’s not all doom and gloom: we can change the system so that it benefits all while respecting the limits of our planet.



Katarzyna Hanula-Bobbitt

Head of Policy

Katarzyna joined Positive Money Europe as the Head of Policy in September 2023. With over 15 years of diverse experience, she has worked in public administration, corporate law firms, and the non-profit sector. Before joining Positive Money, Katarzyna headed policy and advocacy team at CONCORD Europe- the European Confederation of Development NGOs. Earlier in her career, she focused on post-2008 financial reforms, as a Senior Public Affairs Officer at Finance Watch. She also contributed as an EC expert to the work of the REFIT platform, examining the European aquis from a social viewpoint.

Throughout her career, Katarzyna has consistently engaged in partnership development, high-level networking, harmonizing financial resources with public policies, multi-level governance coordination, facilitating negotiations, and capacity building. Katarzyna graduated with law and economics degrees from Poland and the United States. She also holds an MBA in Educational Leadership from Finland, completed a managerial program in Kenya, and was a Stern Fellow at Stanford Graduate Business School.

“Monetary policy, when sculpted with a vision of ecological stewardship and social equity, can become a catalyst for systemic transformation.”


Uuriintuya Batsaikhan

Head of Research

Uuriintuya joined the Positive Money Europe team as an economist in June 2020 and is now heading the Research programme. Prior to joining, she worked at Bruegel, DIW Berlin and UNDP Mongolia. She holds a master’s degree from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and the Central European University in Budapest. Uuriintuya oversees all the research projects at Positive Money Europe. 

“Monetary policy is not set in stone — it evolves with time, which has been amply demonstrated, especially since the onset of the global financial crisis up to today. Our team and allies are not afraid to challenge the outdated paradigms and offer new ones that make monetary policy work for all.”



Carlotta Giovannucci

Head of Digital Communications

Carlotta joined Positive Money Europe in December 2022 as Senior Digital Campaigner and then as Head of Digital Communications. Before joining us, Carlotta worked as a digital communication strategist for Greenpeace Italy, where she designed social media and digital engagement strategies at national and European levels for eight years.

She is a journalist and a podcast author, passionate about climate and economics.

“Monetary and macroprudential policies will be among the most important tools for fighting the social and climate crises in the next few years. I am eager to play my part with Positive Money in this momentum!”


Chris Ancil

Press Officer

Chris joined Positive Money Europe in January 2024 as our Press Officer. His role is to work with the media across Europe to help wider audiences gain access to our research and policy ideas. Before joining Positive Money Europe, Chris was a Senior Journalist with BBC World Service News.

“We are all impacted by monetary policy and the economic systems that we live with. These can appear to be intimidating topics, with seemingly endless jargon. I want to help make these important subjects accessible and more easy to digest. With a clearer understanding we can all make better decisions for a fairer, democratic and more sustainable economy’.


Ines Lili

Finance and Operations Manager

Ines joined Positive Money Europe in December 2023 as Finance and Operations Manager. Prior to joining, she worked as a Project Manager and Team Leader in the communication sector for EU institutions and agencies at Tipik Communication Agency, Wunderman Thompson, EU-turn and Abilways.

Ines is also an intercultural coach and communication trainer.  

“I believe the economy needs to evolve with its time and the needs of our planet and people all around it. This means strong reforms to become inclusive, fair and sustainable.”



Flavia D'Erasmo

International Director of HR & Operations

Flavia joined the Positive Money team in July 2023. As the International Director of HR & Operations, Flavia leads the HR function across Positive Money’s offices, as well as supporting our Executive Directors and boards on compliance, governance, and other operational needs across our group. Flavia is especially committed to progressive HR and operations practices, and focuses on building an inclusive and dynamic global organisational culture.

Flavia was previously the Executive Director of Beyond Carnism – an international animal advocacy organisation – where she worked in many capacities during her six-year tenure. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Animal & Vegan Advocacy (AVA) International, as an advisory board member for Thrive Philanthropy, and as a strategic advisor for several other animal protection charities. She’s also a certified HR generalist and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) specialist.

“I joined Positive Money because I believe that transforming our monetary system is a vital step towards achieving social justice and fighting climate change, for a world where our money serves the well-being of people and planet.”


Serena Di Luccio


Serena joined Positive Money Europe in January 2021, first as a Policy Intern and then as a Campaigner. Serena runs the organisation’s social media accounts, leads on the organisation’s newsletters to supporters and assists the Executive Director with project management.  Serena holds a BA in Political science and a MA in International journalism.

Before joining Positive Money Europe, she gained experience in the non-profit sector volunteering for the Italian environmental organisation Legambiente, and managing a European Solidarity Corps project.

“I believe that there is an urgent need to reform the economy, which clearly doesn’t work for people or for the planet. When I found out about Positive Money Europe, I was attracted by the organisation’s approach: not only to identify the problems, but also to develop alternative and brave proposals to overcome them.”



Adua Dalla Costa

Policy Officer

Adua joined Positive Money Europe in May 2021 as a Research and Policy Intern and then as Policy Officer. She supports the Head of Policy in formulating policy proposals and helps to bring our research and ideas to policymakers. Adua holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Padua and an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Global Markets, Local Creativities.

“Money shapes relationships and creates power dynamics. The way the system currently works exacerbates inequalities and harms our planet. But the rules of the game are not dictated by some divine law — we ourselves can deconstruct and rebuild them in a way that works for all.”



Jordi Schröder Bosch


Jordi joined the Positive Money Europe team in March 2022 as a Research and Policy Intern and then as Junior Researcher. Jordi holds a BSc in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a MA in International Economics from the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord. Jordi’s research interests are international economics, monetary policy and housing.

I believe that we need a deep reform of the Eurozone’s economic governance if we want the European project to be prepared for the challenges of the future.



Peter Guidikov

Policy Assistant

Peter joined Positive Money Europe team in January 2024 as a Policy Intern and then as a Policy Assistant. He supports the Head of Policy in formulating policy proposals and helps to bring our research and ideas to policymakers. Peter has a master’s degree in Political science, European Policy and Public Affairs from Sciences Po Strasbourg. He has previous experience working in EU policy and advocacy as well as volunteering in youth climate organisations.

“There is an urgent need for change in our economic systems – they are vectors of inequality and environmental destruction. I want to help bring about this change and fight for a more just and sustainable future!


Mira Tekelova

Social Media and Administrative Support Consultant

Mira creates visual content for all our communications, and provides administrative support on all things digital.

I believe that the way the monetary system is structured and works is at the root of poverty, inequality and most societal problems.”



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