Our Brussels team is also supported by all Positive Money UK staff members and by a group of six professional advisors. Find out who they are below!


Stanislas Jourdan

Head of Positive Money Europe

Stan joined Positive Money in August 2015 as international coordinator. After two years leading the QE for People campaign and the International Movement for Monetary Reform, he is now leading Positive Money Europe.

Before joining Positive Money, Stan used to cover the euro crisis as a journalist and ran a blog where he helped spread knowledge about money creation. He has also coordinated the European Citizens’ Initiative for basic income and co-founded the French movement for basic income. Stan holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship.

Ludovic Suttor-Sorel

Researcher and Campaigner

Ludovic joined the Positive Money Europe’s team in August 2017. He is mainly focusing on coordinating our work on Sustainability and monetary policy.

Previously, Ludovic completed an internship at the European Parliament, familiarizing himself with the work of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON). He developed a keen interest in financial and banking regulation when working on the Belgian reform of banking structure for a Belgian Senator. He was also political advisor for the top management of one of Brussels’ welfare institution.

Ludovic holds a BA in Political Sciences and a MA in European Studies from the Institute for European Studies of the ULB University (Brussels). He is also a researcher in Applied Economics at the ULB.

Mira Tekelova

Social Media and Administrative Support

Mira is mainly focusing on creating visual content for social media and supporting the team in growing our supporter base and online campaigns.

Advisory panel

Positive Money Europe’s Advisory Panel give professional and knowledgeable advice to the organisation on a pro bono basis. Our advisors come from diverse backgrounds and hold varied points of view. They don’t always agree, with each other or with us, and we don’t always agree with them either! We view this as a strength, providing us with a wider spectrum of viewpoints and challenging our own ideas and strategy.



Fund manager

Eric Lonergan is a macro hedge fund manager, economist, and writer. His most recent book is Money (2nd ed) published by Routledge.

He has written for Foreign AffairsThe Financial Times, and The Economist. He also advises governments and policymakers.

He first advocated expanding the tools of central banks to including cash transfers to households in the Financial Times in 2002. In December 2008, he advocated the policy as the most efficient way out of recession post-financial crisis, contributing to a growing debate over the need for ‘helicopter money’.

Eric is also a supporter of Big Issue Invest (BII), the investment arm of The Big Issue, and is one of the initial limited partners in BII’s Social Enterprise Investment Fund LP.

In a personal capacity, he makes direct investments in social enterprises. He also supports and advises The Empathy Museum.



Independent Public Affairs consultant

Joost Mulder is an expert in EU advocacy, with a focus on finance and a background in the European Parliament and public affairs consulting.

In 2011, he moved to the NGO world and joined Finance Watch, where he ran successful advocacy campaigns on financial market rules, derivative speculation, and retail investment transparency.

Since 2017, his firm Better Europe Public Affairs is providing independent advice and training to NGOs and governments on finance, EU regulation and advocacy.



Professor emeritus

Joseph Huber is the professor emeritus and chair of economic sociology at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.

He has an extensive background in research and academia, having worked as a research associate at the University of St Gallen and was an academic assistant at the Free University of Berlin.

He served as a policy advisor to various governments and companies on matters of industrial ecology during the 1980s and also sat on the advisory board of the Umweltbank (Environmental Bank) in Nuremberg.

More recently he has published books including ‘Sovereign Money. Beyond Reserve Banking’ and submitted academic pieces for the Real World Economic Review.

In 2009, Joseph founded Monetative, a German nonprofit organisation working on money reform.

He shares his work on the monetary system on his website (english) and (german).



Senior expert

Antoine Quero is a senior expert on innovative financial instruments at the European Commission, where he has accumulated a long experience on the regulation of the financial sector, the governance of the euro zone and EU investment programmes.

In his book on a progressive reform of the financial system, published by Catarata in Spain, he advocated for a banking reform compatible with the Economic and Monetary Union that would deliver similar benefits to a sovereign money system.

He also defends deeper democratic reforms that would go hand in hand with a monetary reform aiming at aligning money creation with the general interest.



Senior Researcher

Dr. Sotiria Theodoropoulou is a senior researcher and the head of the European economic, employment and social policies research unit at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) in Brussels. Her recent research interests have been focusing on the impact of fiscal austerity on economic performance and labour markets in Europe.

She is the editor of the ‘Labour market policies in the era of pervasive austerity’ book. She earned her Ph.D. in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she also taught economic analysis of the EU for several years.

Prior to joining the ETUI she held positions as research associate at Chatham House (London) and an economic policy analyst at the European Policy Centre (Brussels).



Co-Director of Veblen Institute

Wojtek Kalinowski is co-director of the Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms, a Paris-based think tank promoting policies and social innovations for the ecological transition.

He writes and talks regularly about different aspects of the ecological transition, especially monetary innovations, monetary policies and financial regulation.

He edited “Repensons la monnaie” (Alternatives Economiques, 2016) and is author of “Transition écologique: mode d’emploi’’ (Petits Matins 2013).

He holds several post-grad degrees in social sciences from Uppsala University (Sweden), Université Paris-IV and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France).


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