Summer Reading List 2022

Positive Money Europe | 6 July 2022

In need of some reading ideas for this summer? Look no further! We have compiled a list of books that the Positive Money Europe team has been reading. The topics range from the role of central banks t …

New research paper: The role of the EU Parliament in the ECB’s green shift

Marc Beckmann | 28 June 2022

A new study traces how climate change became a topic in Europe’s monetary policy. Utilising a novel and extensive dataset, it shows how the European Parliament, early on, called for a greener monetary …

Christine Lagarde re-affirms willingness to consider lower rates for climate investments

Stanislas Jourdan | 13 June 2022

Despite its decision to start raising interest rates, the European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde signaled an interest in introducing a “green TLTRO” system – a reference to Positive Money E …

A more “ethical” ECB on the way? 

Alessia Del Vasto | 8 June 2022

The ECB’s rule of conduct and ethical framework is still lagging behind the US Federal reserve.

Experts tell the European Central Bank to adopt lower rates for green loans

Positive Money Europe | 2 June 2022

ECB watchers join Positive Money Europe’s push for a green lending program.


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