Today with more than a dozen NGOs specialising in climate and environmental issues (beyond us, ATTAC Liège,Reclaim Finance, Greenpeace Belgium, Youth for Climate Belgium, FairFin, Les Amis de la Terre Belgique ASBL, ATTAC Bruxelles 2, Grootouders voor het Klimaat, Centre tricontinental-CETRI, Communa, POUR), we sent a letter to King Philippe and Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem. We are requesting the appointment of a Governor of the National Bank of Belgium who is equipped to meet the challenges of climate change. This appointment is crucial for the planet and the living conditions of Europeans.

The term of the current governor, Pierre Wunsch, will end in January 2024. His tenure has been marked by insufficient action on climate change. Consequently, we are urging Philippe de Belgique and his government to appoint a governor who will acknowledge the central bank’s critical role in combating global warming.

This letter reflects the mobilisation on 20 June 2023, when with several Belgian organisations and activists we gathered in front of the National Bank of Belgium.  We called for making the energy renovation of buildings more affordable in response to the climate emergency.

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